Tuesday, April 8, 2014


We started dictation in January after I attended a workshop entitled: Education Without Workbooks.  It was all about cutting out the "fluff" aka workbooks, and really focusing on the real "meat and potatoes" of learning. 
So many times while my son was writing in his workbook, I would second guess whether this was truly beneficial or just "busy work". 
Now I know there is a time and place for workbooks and there are many that are really good; I just feel like real learning doesn't take place in "fill in the blank" worksheets.  I know others would disagree.
For us, it has made all the difference to transition into meaningful writing, dictation and narration.
A really fabulous program we use is called Linguistic Development by Andrew Pudewa.  It is composed of many poems that are used for dictation and most importantly memorization. 
We also use Bonnie Landry's Homeschooling, simplified: Dictation: how to teach grammar, spelling, reading and almost all language arts in an easy alternative to the homeschool curriculum, which is a true gem.
If you feel your child is getting bored of workbooks...try dictation.  It may make the world of difference.
Here is the link to watch my son recite a poem:


  1. Fabulous, Clara! You are a sweetheart...I am so thrilled to know that dictation is working so well for you. Thanks for forwarding! Can I link this as a guest post on oh, that's simple? Blessings, Bonnie