Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break

Today marks the end of spring break for us; it was jam-packed with a whole lot of goodness. 
Our first week was great cause Daddy was on holidays. We went out for lunch, cleaned the house and just spent time together. 
Last week was nice because we got to visit with friends. Monday, we went to a play gym with a few friends and Wednesday we went to the movies. Thursday we had lunch at another friend's place and then we went walking around a local lake. Friday we visited some other dear friends and made pretzels. 
This weekend we had a soccer tournament. We're pooped out; I'm so thankful for all these great experiences. 
We're lucky to have such great friends and so much opportunity. 
How was your spring break?


  1. Omg finally i saw this website! Miss those little cuties!

  2. Hi Ara!
    Nice to hear from you...we miss you too!