Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies

He came home sad and upset.
Someone wounded my boy's heart. It was the typical bullying stuff. 
Calling names. Teasing etc... 
My boy's not used to it. He hasn't faced this kind of treatment before. 
So, it shook him at his core. 
It was a time for discussion and resolve. He was faced with the sad reality of cruelty and the meanness that sometimes engulfs our youth. 
After tears and hugs and reassurance, we made chocolate chip cookies together. 
He cracked the eggs and found the baking soda. He ate the cookie dough off the whisk. 
He was happy again. And safe. 
The tears of sadness had dried up and he was content to be with his mama in the kitchen baking. 
People often ask me why I homeschool and if I think I'm sheltering my kids too much. 
They wonder if they are socialized enough. 
They question if my kids have friends. 
My answer is yes. They are sheltered. They are socialized. And they have enough friends. 
Heartache will creep into our house just as it does yours, whether my kids are in school or not. 
Bullying will penetrate our walls as yours too. We can't keep the world at bay; try as we might, it can't happen. 
I teach my children fortitude and resilience, empathy and forgiveness. 
We cannot control the actions of others but we CAN control our reactions to them. 
My boy learned that life isn't always fair and sometimes our feelings get hurt, but he also was reminded that home is a refuge and the people here are full of love for him...and maybe some chocolate chip cookies on the side. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015


I canNOT believe I haven't blogged since April...that is unbelievably brutal!
There are no excuses, except maybe missed opportunities. Or laziness. 
Life has been progressing at a steady pace and we've had some adventures along the way. 
Earlier this month we traveled to Canim Lake, BC. It was so nice to get away and vedge lakeside as the kiddies splashed and played in the lake water. We all got a chance to do some water sports including knee boarding and tubing.
It was a blast. 
My favourite part was coming together around the campfire at night to roast marshmallows, eats s'mores and laugh. Great memories. 
In a couple of days we're off on another escapade to Mill Bay, BC. We're going with my mom and grandmother; it's our yearly vacation together. 
I'm excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us. It's my favourite season by far!
Hope your summer is going well!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

And Jesus said:  “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


In this here part of the country, it's pretty wet and and lush but wet. 
Tis' springtime and the buds are starting to blossom and the grass is growing long. 
I like the spring but I LOVE the summer. The sun going down later and later each night makes me giddy. 
The kids are back at all their activities...piano, jazz, swimming, soccer, art...
It's a busy time in our lives. 
Days are being filled with park play, bike riding and street hockey. Oh joy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This boy.

This boy, was born on 
February 26th, 2008. 
The smallest of my three. He had jet black hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. 
He was perfection. 

This boy, was all over the place. Touching everything and getting into mischief.  He even plucked all the keys off the keyboard of our laptop.
Laughing now, crying then!

This boy, always had to keep up with big brother. Following him everywhere. Wherever big brother was, that's where he would be. 

This boy, too smart for his own good. Constantly asking questions. Curious about everything. Strong-willed and relentless. 

This boy, my most affectionate child. Full of kisses and hugs. Empathetic. Sensitive. Passionate. 

This boy, full of intensity. Boldness. Resiliency. 

This boy, unlike no other. Unique. Authentic. Mine. 

This boy, made in His image. Divine. Perfectly designed. 

This boy, has changed me more than I could have imagined. He is such a blessing in my life and I cannot imagine journeying life without him. 

My boy, Happy 7th Birthday!

All my love,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm Feeling Better

January was a rough month. 
I lost my beloved Nonna. 
Then at the end of the month I fell ill and caught the flu. Coughing, aching, chills, fever...good times! 
I'm just starting to feel myself again. 
I'm gaining energy and my mood is brightening. 
I felt such dispair last month. I thought I'd never get out of my bed or off my couch. Stricken with grief and sickness, I just watched life pass me by.
I felt so much guilt for not participating in my kid's lives. I didn't take them to activities, I slept a lot. I hated them seeing me like that. 
I'm so thankful for my regained strength and fortitude. I'm now cooking, cleaning and teaching again. 
This is a good thing. 
Through darkness there is always light. 
Amidst sorrow there is joy. 
And during tears there is perpetual laughter. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

In Between

Sitting here at the park observing the new moms with their strollers and young chapped-cheeked toddlers; I feel a sense of not belonging. 
I'm in a new club. 
A club with older children. 
I don't need to bring the diaper bag or small finger food snacks...I can just up and go and not have a whole entourage of things to pack. 
This is a good thing. 
Though I miss the giggles and chubby fingers grasping onto the swing chains. I don't miss the constant chasing of running steps and frequent bathroom trips. 
I'm in a new chapter. 
My kids don't need me to follow their every step and coddle them as they climb the slide. I can sit on the bench and read a book and watch them from afar.  
This is nice also. 
But I do miss those old days too. 
My kids need more challenging aparatuses, spider webs, high slides and climbing walls. The days of small swings, teeter totters and rocking horses are over. 
My preteen sits beside me because he feels he's too old for the park. There are so many little ones and he's scared to topple them over. He brings his soccer ball. 
All he wants to do is kick the ball. 
Parks are different for us now. It's not that simple anymore. 
I'm in between.